Introduction to Key Making – Saturday – 4:00 PM

Introduction to Key Making – Saturday – 4:00 PM

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Saturday, April 7th: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM | Class will be held in Room TBD

The owner of the company will be giving a class on how to read, identify, manipulate and work with almost any type of chips out there.  This will be a two hour class after the show each day.  You can do the SAAB twice module with his device.

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Saturday, April 7th: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM | Class will be held in Room 42

Introduction to Automotive Key Making. This class is aimed towards locksmiths wanting to enter the automotive field. It will discuss in great detail:

  • KEYS: different types and which do or don’t need be to stocked, including mechanical vs. transponder and edge-cut vs. high security. Also, which remotes are or aren’t important and/or easy to stock.
  • KEY CUTTING: different types of machines, including duplicators (comparing manual, semi- auto, & auto as well as comparing different brands and price points) and code-cutting machines (comparing manual vs. automatic, edge-cut vs. high security, and comparing different brands). Different machines will be available to watch and try hands-on.
  • FINDING YOUR CUTS: When customers lose all of their keys, tools that are available to     automotive locksmiths to discover the cuts for the key. Key codes (brokers vs. NASTF), decoders (Accu-Readers, EEZ Readers, Lishi, Try-Out Keys, Scoping), and lock disassembly and visual decoding. Different options will be available to watch and try hands-on.
  • PROGRAMMING THE KEY: Different machines available to program the chip when dealing with a transponder equipped vehicle. AutoProPAD, Smart Pro, Zed Full, DMax, VVDI MB, VVDI2, and various Reflashers will be shown.
  • CLONING: Different options available to copy a key when a working key is already present.
  • BOOKS & SOFTWARE: Various software references that are needed for: key code conversion, fill progressing, key blank cross-reference, remote programming instructions, overall vehicle info, key making instructions, wafer locations, etc.
  • WEB SITES: The importance of various Web site resources for getting help while in the field, including Key Pro, Clearstar, etc.
  •  At the end of the class, students will know exactly what they need to buy and learn to be fully prepared for making keys for vehicles.