Just Cars+ Classes

Education & Fellowship between Locksmiths

Learn from the industry’s best during one of the Just Cars + classes. Stacy Hetchler, Andrew Alchin, Sean Preuss, John Dumont, Jeremy Phillips, Brian Suggs, and Matt Skundrich will be presenting classes on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Must purchase general admission ticket in order to attend any of these classes.

Register early for one or more of these classes which will take place Thursday, April 23rd through Saturday, April 25th.

Just Cars + Soldering Class

Just Cars+ Classes

Course Objective: This course will provide an introduction to, practice with and real world application of identifying, soldering, and desoldering components within automotive electronic security systems. There will be a brief introduction to acquiring automotive data directly from storage devices within the automotive security systems.

Description: All the necessary equipment to locate, remove and reapply data storage devices in automotive security modules will be supplied for use within the course. This class is focused on the physical side of EEPROM work as it pertains to the removal of devices from the security circuits. A brief explanation of acquiring their data and a lengthy explanation of returning the devices without damage to the modules or devices will be provided.

Class Goal: Upon completion of this class each student will have gained 4 hours of actual hands-on practice desoldering, fluxing, cleaning, and resoldering devices as they pertain to automotive security system work.

Requirements: Each student must provide two working automotive remote that contains at least an 8 leg component.

Class Cost: $150.00 per participant

Just Cars + EEPROM Class

Just Cars+ Classes

Required Prerequisites: Each student is required to have either taken the Just Cars+ Soldering Class or a working knowledge and experience with soldering as it pertains to microelectronics. A signed affidavit attesting to the student’s soldering proficiency will be required in lieu of taking the Just Cars+ Soldering Class.

Objective: This course will provide an introduction to identifying data storage devices and the use of real world equipment to acquire, read, modify, and reprogram these devices with the goal of producing transponders to start vehicles economically.

Description: The class we will begin with simple in circuit examples of reading EEPROMs. It will then move on to removing EEPROMs from the circuit, reading them with multiple pieces of equipment and then modifying the data. The latest available equipment will be used to produce a transponder that will ultimately be able to start vehicles including water recreational vehicles and motorcycles. With the manufacturers increasing security and the increase in diagnostic equipment costs and fees to use said equipment, EEPROM work may be the last hope to produce keys for cars in the future.

Class Goal: With provided equipment, students will gain actual hands-on experience of how transponders work at a computer level and with the knowledge to proceed into the future of automotive key generation. This class will instill confidence in the student’s ability to continue profiting with key generation and with very little capital equipment investment.

Note: Students are also encouraged to bring real world modules and transponder containing electronics from cars and motorcycles for use in the class. It should be kept in mind that the more legs a device has, the more time it will take to desolder said device. Please keep in mind that if components are removed in advance, that there will be no way of inspecting your work.

Class Cost: $150.00 per participant

Just Cars + How to use J2534 passthrough & more

Just Cars+ Classes

Objective: Gain a better understanding of the ins and outs of the j2534 passthrough device.

Description: Ever had a call about programming a module and didn’t know what that entailed? Do you own a J2534 device but don’t know what other equipment is needed? Want to know how the J2534 can enhance your business and if it’s a good fit? Well, then this course is for you! This course will answer these questions while also covering the history of J2534 and addressing several other common questions about the J2534.

Once we have the basics, we will move into each domestic OEM: how to sign-up, install, log in and program vehicles. Using real-life examples, we will cover how to use OEM service information to find what is needed to install a new module. We will go over some of the more advanced problems that arise, equipping you with a trouble-shooting ability useful in the field.

At the end of this course, you will understand the risk vs. reward of using the J2534, allowing you to determine if programming is right for your business.

Class Cost: $300.00 per participant

Just Cars + Introduction to Auto Forensics

Just Cars+ Classes

Objective: Give the student a glimpse into the world of investigative locksmithing.

Description: Unlock the investigator in you! Have you ever been to a service call and noticed someone has been there before you? Or things aren’t as the customer claims? This course will cover the basics on documenting your training, experience and case evidence. Learn about the path to certification as a CFL. Open new revenue streams by utilizing your existing locksmith knowledge and experience. Utilize your skills to enter the world of investigative locksmithing. Learn about potential clients such as law enforcement, attorneys, insurance companies and private citizens.

Class Cost: $150.00 per participant

Just Cars + Device De-construction

Just Cars+ Classes

Objective: Memory and Microcontrollers-Fundamentals of two Automotive Technologies.

Description: The first part of the class will start with the basics of all memory parts. This includes EPROMs and EEPROMS. The following will be covered relating to memory.

  • Where did all this memory stuff start? In the beginning all memory parts were parallel.
  • What is the basic architecture of a memory part?
  • What is a bit, byte and word? What is an address and how does it relate?
  • If everything is binary why do we use HEX?-What’s the difference between an EPROM and an EEPROM?
  • Why is a Flash EPROM different from a non-flash part?
  • What is a serial eeprom and how to they work? What goes on inside?-EEPROMs can fail. How does this happen and why?
  • How does an eeprom become corrupt? How to avoid problem.
  • Why do they only have eight pins and what do the pins do
  • The three different families of serial eeprom.
  • Why are there 8-and 16-bit configurations and how do I know?

The second part of the class will cover microprocessors and microcontrollers.

  • What is a microprocessor?-What are the parts of a microprocessor system? (An ECU will be used in this example)
  • How does a microprocessor-based system work? What are the essential functional parts?-How do the pieces fit together and what do they do?
  • How does memory work with a microprocessor?
  • Why are there different types of memory in amicroprocessor system?
  • What is a microcontroller and why is it different from a microprocessor?
  • Where is a microcontroller used instead of a microprocessor and why?
  • Why do microcontrollers have so many pins and what do they do? (Immobilizer used for example)
  • What is the “crystal”? What does it do?
  • Why it is almost impossible to corrupt a microcontroller.
  • How microcontrollers communicate with device programmers.
  • Understanding a “secured” vs. “unsecured” microcontroller.

Class Cost: $150.00 per participant

Just Cars + ACDP for BMW

Just Cars+ Classes

Description: This class will cover all keys lost situations and adding keys using ACDP for BMW/Mini E, F and R body cars which includes BMW CAS 1/2/3/4/4+ and FEM/BDC.
All ACDP modules available will be explained so the student will know what is necessary to be able to complete jobs they may receive.
All keys lost for Jaguar/Land Rover and Porsche using ACDP will also be briefly covered. Once BMW is learned students will understand how this tool is easily used on the other vehicle brands that the tool is capable of.
The class will include an in depth discussion and hands on with actual modules from BMW/Mini vehicles.
Participants will learn specialized techniques and the nuances of the BMW immobiliser modules listed above and how to use the ACDP programmer with some comparisons to other tools. The information presented in the class will prove very valuable even if another platform is used.

Class Cost: $150.00 per participant

Just Cars + Advanced Transponder Theory

Just Cars+ Classes

Description: This class will be a detailed look at Transponder chips – the way the internal data is used and structured, the way they communicate, and some of the practical applications of this knowledge. It will be SUPER nerdy, but you’re already a locksmith so what do you have to lose at this point? This class contains essential information for attendees wanting to take the Advanced Eeprom Theory class – this information will not be repeated during that class, and it’s really not the kind of thing you can just “pick up as you go”.

Class Cost: $75.00 per participant

Just Cars + Advanced EEPROM Theory

Just Cars+ Classes

Description: This class will be a detailed look at how bin files for various vehicles are assembled. We’ll focus on mapping the file out with a goal to identifying key data and useful things such as pin numbers. If you hate the fact that tools like the Tango can do things that YOU can’t do, then this is the class for you.
This class has practical applications for people looking to produce keys for vehicles not currently supported by anything else, and forensic locksmiths. For everyone else, it probably has no practical applications at all, unless you suffer from insomnia.
This class is being repeated from Just Cars 2018 due to popular demand, but with twice as much time. So no excuses for not cracking the Chrysler Pin Code algorithm this time!

Class Cost: $150.00 per participant

Just Cars Auto Expo 2020

Caribe Royale Orlando

This year we celebrate 17 years by returning to the beautiful Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida on April 24-25, 2020. The show floor will be open April 24 & 25 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. and educational classes are schedule starting April 23rd thru 26th at different times throughout those days.