Classroom Education

Education & Fellowship between Locksmiths

At the Just Cars Auto Expo we believe in education and fellowship between locksmiths and that is why we provide numerous education opportunities.  All education classes listed below are included with the general admission ticket purchase EXCEPT the Just Cars + classes. Included classes are on a first come, first serve basis entry and are limited seating. Due to fire code restrictions classes will be held to the restricted amount of seats and will NOT allow for standing or crowding in the back of the room.

The Just Cars Auto Expo show floor will be open May 27 & 28 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. and educational classes are scheduled May 26th thru 28th at different times throughout those days.

Classroom Education

Education List by Vendors

AKG Academy (Midwest Keyless, Locksmith Resource & International Key Supply)

Sprinter with KR55 – This class is going to cover duplicating sprinter keys and remotes. Plus the generation of sprinter keys and remotes using a W906. We will be covering the different options for key readers that can work in conjunction with this programmer.

Automotive Troubleshooting – This class covers all of the most common obstacles faced when having programming issues, how to identify them, and how to solve what you can. The content of this class was created as a culmination of the most common tech support calls received on a daily basis.

Intro to European – Automotive class will take some of the mystery out of tricky European vehicles. We will highlight some of the simplest ways to begin to add key generation and duplication of European vehicles to your skill set and go over your options for building on these skills when ready.


Tips, tricks and techniques to get the most from your AR system.

The AR programming package provides a number of options and capabilities for the automotive locksmith. Given this, there are many features and capabilities which go unused simply because the operator is unaware that they exist or is uncertain of how they are used. The purpose of the BOOT CAMP class is described and explain how to use these features.

Here are a few of the subjects that will be covered: – A quick overview of how the AR works.

  • An easy way to choose the device with which you will be Let the computer do the work.
  • How to use the AR SETUP files which are included in the LOCKSMITH LIBRARIAN to automatically choose the proper device plus show the setup for the module with which you are working.
  • How to know which in-circuit voltage to choose for a specific device using the
  • The easy way to do a simple reflash using the LIBRARIAN
  • How to setup a folder for loading and saving files which you can access with your transponder programmer plus how to load/save files directly to a USB
  • Understanding the system What it is and how to use it for advanced work.
  • How to read a device into the buffer at two Work on one without disturbing the other.
  • How to compare two devices, a device and a file or two files.
  • How to know you’re connected to a device without reading it into the
  • A quick way to know if a device has
  • How to guarantee you get a good data
  • How to use a buffer editor command to point directly to a
  • How to program just a few bytes into a device instead of programming the whole
  • How to extract just a few bytes from any area of a device instead of reading the whole
  • How to establish communication with a Why it’s easier than you think.
  • How to run the AR from a dead (won’t boot)
  • How the LIBRARIAN It’s also a feature you can use to help automate tasks.

How to use the built-in help of the AR software. You just need to know where to look.



Topdon - Basic Electronics

Electrical basics are the foundation for all vehicle system and are often overlooked in this class we will walk through electrical basics electrical basics electrical theory system testing proper tools and what not to use. A solid foundation starts with basics save time and money by learning how and when to test. We will also cover how to read an electrical diagram is an electrical diagram how to trace wires and how to test batteries and more.

Basic Ignition Teardown

Saginaw and 6 cut GM glove box progression. Learn how to break down those GM Steering Columns and how to pick the glove box to make a door key.
This class has practical applications for anyone professing to be a locksmith, and for anyone wanting bragging rights within their business. Challenge keys will be posted ahead of the show on the Key Pro website, but if you want to know if you got it right, you’ll have to come to the class! Ultimate winner will win a prize which mav or mav not include Marmite.

Domestic Automotive Basics

Techniques Shortcuts and Hints Pre-2000’s

This will be a class focusing on mechanical key making techniques from early domestic vehicles up to 2000’s. We will demonstrate techniques for picking GM glove boxes and progressing a working key, to decoding GM 6-cut side bar locks. We will also work with Ford 10-cut locks as well as some Chrysler vehicles. It will be a lecture and hands on learning class.

Please bring regular lock picks and small hand tools if able.

Introduction to High Security Automotive

These multi-faceted classes will familiarize the novice or more experienced locksmith with the fundamentals of sidewinder locks and keys. There will be three sections during the day

beginning with Sidewinder Basics, which includes principles of operation, character of key types, and key machine operation; Sidewinder Key Cutting, which focuses on how to code original keys, and special procedures for specific keys;  Sidewinder Service, which focuses on methods for key origination, and touches on select repairs, and service techniques as time may permit.

8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. – SIDEWINDER KEY BASICS

  • Understanding Sidewinder Character
  • Lock and Key Fundamentals Machine
  • Setup and Duplication

10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. – SIDEWINDER KEY CUTTING & CODING

  • Methods of Coding Original Keys
  • Special Procedures for Specific Keys

1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. – SIDEWINDER SERVICE

  • Points on Key Origination Techniques
  • Picking Related to Service
  • Service and Repair for Select Lock Types

The Diagnostic Box

###### will only have convention floor demonstration ######

XHorse Education

Xhorse provides a full line of products for locksmiths, including the key tool for generating & cloning Universal Remote and Universal Transponder, Universal Smart key & Super Multi-mode Transponder, professional programming tools for VW\ADUI\PORSCHE\BMW\Mercedes-Benz , high-performance automatic key cutting machines, and many others. This 2 hour class will be covering the VVDI BMW.

Vehicle Electronic Professionals

Introduction to Electronic Control Modules | FLEX Programmer | BIN files and Basics Reverse
Engineering Software

Join us and enhance your knowledge in the field of engine control unit (ECU) and automatic transmission (TCU) reprogramming/repair. In this class, you will learn more about the advanced
FLEX tool and all functionalities and file services available to manipulate data on ECU/TCU. What is the difference between Master and Slave Tools. Learn the various programming methods available to read/write control modules. Step by step DEMO reading/writing BMW/GM ECUs. Second part of this class is an introduction to BIN files, various kinds of memory storage devices, hex editor softwares and how to create modules for various solutions such as ISN change, VIN update and more for future reference, using a special BIN MAP software. This section will give you a better understanding of how BIN files are structured, HEX vs DEC vs BIN vs ASCII, what checksum is and how to compare files and create templates to save time.


  • Flex Programming Tool
  • What is an engine control unit, transmission control unit
  • ECU and TCU programming methods with Magicmotorsport tools
  • Usage of Magicmotorsport software
  • OBD, bench, JTAG, BDM, bootloader,
  • How to use Magicmotorsport Helpdesk and products
  • BMW/SUPRA MDG1 Bench Read/Write, ISN (DEMO)
  • GM E92 ECU Global A Read/Write/Virginize (DEMO)

High Security Honda

Learn about the new 2019 Ignition system from rescue Ron sponsored by lock picks. Students will learn about high security Honda ignitions they will have hands on experience on how to tear down an Ignition lock and how to rebuild it instead of purchasing one from the dealer, which would save them money. Students will also learn how to spot good keys and bad keys as well as how to sell keys. Students will learn how to utilize the Honda Ignition service kit.

Southern Lock

Introduction to all attachments and general capabilities of the Autel IM608. Intro, power point, and general navigation of the tool as it pertains to auto key programming. Car on site for direct actual key programming experience.


  1. Introduction,

Overview of VAG immobilizer evolution during last 20 years

Features of every immobilizer generation

  1. Key programming on VAG UDS generation including

– lost key situation and how to solve it

– special key programming procedure for cars with keyless system

– special procedure on VW New Beetle

  1. Key programming on VAG MQB generation (VW)

– special key programming procedure for cars with keyless system

– lost key situation issue

– online solution for PIN, Component security & Synchronize data detection

  1. Key programming on VAG MLB generation (Audi)

– key programming procedure

– special key programming procedure for cars with keyless system

– lost key situation issue

– online solution for PIN, Component security & Synchronize data detection

Introduction to Automotive Crypto

David Petit will be teaching a very basic class on how to work with crypto language. Intro and Agenda, Responsible disclosure, does Crypto really exist? Historical Crypto Failures, what is Real Crypto? Types of Crypto and Automotive Crypto. This is the future.

Intro to Automotive Basics

For those with little-to-no experience in automotive locksmithing. This course begins on the ground floor and covers all of the basics. Topics include, but are not limited to: the history of automotive security, understanding car keys, understanding transponder systems, vehicle entry, lock decoding, key cutting, key programming, transponder chip cloning, intro to Original Lishi tools, automotive locksmithing resources, key cutting machines overview, and key programmers overview. This class is perfect for novices who are considering a career in automotive locksmithing. If you own a locksmith shop and you’re either considering taking up automotive, or you simply want to learn what your technicians are doing out in the field, this class is a must for you. If you’re fairly competent in cutting and programming car keys, you might want to sit this one out.

Just Cars Auto Expo 2022

Arizona Grand Resort & Spa

This year we are celebrating the return of the show in the beautiful Phoenix, Arizona on May 27-28, 2022. The show and educational classes will be inside the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa. The show floor will be open May 27 & 28 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. and educational classes are schedule starting May 26th thru 29th at different times throughout those days.