Education & Fellowship between Locksmiths

Stations are individual tables where an expert in each field will present specific training in each of the areas of knowledge.  There will be five (5) stations on the show floor.  They are: Impressioning, Module swapping, Motorcycles, De-Chipping, and Ignition repair.


Jay Broderick will be demonstrating how to repair, identify and make motorcycle keys.


Jennifer Richards, will be showing you how to repair instead of replace that broken ignition system. Steve’s tips will make you more by allowing you to do more.


Dan Florko will be bringing his vast knowledge to you on how to get those chips out of keys, how to read them using various cloners and how to clone them. Start saving those older Ford chips now.


Jason Jaudon will be repairing damaged/failed GM Instrument clusters that have stepper motors failure and also teaching how to repair clusters that are dead. These clusters have the highest rate of failure, but with a few tools and basic soldering skills, can be fixed for a significant profit.


Our long-time instructor, Derek “The Impressionator” Hooker, is once again going to show you this very handy skill. Impressioning is something that no one should be without as it will get you out of a lot of trouble someday. He will be introducing Tibbe impressioning this year.


Stacy Hetchler will be in the EEPROM area and attempt to answer your questions about EEPROM work, its application, what we can and cannot do, why do it? Etc. Rapid fire answering and lots of actual modules and examples pulled in the field. What purchases have worked out for me and what has gone by the way side. Honest, blunt, unbiased opinions on aspects of the EEPROM world and how to navigate it.


These tables will be manned for two hours in the AM and two hours in the PM.  Please let the area supervisors enjoy the show also.

Just Cars Auto Expo 2020

Caribe Royale Orlando

This year we celebrate 17 years by returning to the beautiful Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida on April 24-25, 2020. The show floor will be open April 24 & 25 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. and educational classes are schedule starting April 23rd thru 26th at different times throughout those days.