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Education & Fellowship between Locksmiths

Just Cars promotes education and encourages our vendors to demonstrate and educate their products on the show floor throughout the event.


Classes and demonstrations on all of our automotive and motorcycle readers will be offered along with Tips and tricks for using the Accu-Reader tools and using all 4 of the HU-I00 IRT tools to remove the new GM Ignitions when no keys are present.  Be sure to stop by and see our new De-chipping tool for removing the transponder from broken or mis-cut transponder keys.


2018 was a transformational year for American Key Supply and in 2019 we’re coming out swinging. We’re working hard to stay on the bleeding edge of technology. Our product offerings have broadened and we’ve transformed ourselves from the ground-up in order to maintain the highest possible levels of customer service and informational accuracy. We’re working hand-in-hand with locksmiths all over the nation to bring you education and innovation like you’ve never seen before. Check out our booth and see what you’ve been missing!


During our stand-alone class, booth presentation and demonstration time we plan to educate the locksmith community on the following:

  1. What is out there now? Different types of new remotes and proxy keys for late model popular makes and mode We will focus on late model remotes for Ford, GM, Chrysler Corp (including Dodge, Jeep) Toyota/Lexus, Nissan/Infiniti vehicles and other brands if time allows.
  2. Interchangeability and compatibility of OEM remot This information could reduce the cost of doing business, as it reduces the inventory for automotive professionals. Car manufacturers often generate multiple part numbers for the same parts creating an illusion that those parts are different and not interchangeable. If you know how to tell which remotes are the same, despite the part number difference, you can cut your inventory of remotes and smart keys in half or less at the same time it will increase your profits.
  3. How to reuse and salvage remotes and smart k It’s a common misconception that used remotes or previously programmed smart keys are just junk and can’t be reused. We hear that even from some auto locksmith professionals, who simply throw those used key fobs away. The truth is some, if not most, can be rebladed, reused, reflashed, simply reprogrammed again, or sold for profit as is. We plan to demonstrate how to fix, re-blade and refurbished the most popular types of remotes and fobs. We also plan to demonstrate and explain how to flash some late model remotes to make it reusable again.
  4. Parts and rep This part of our presentation may be especially valuable for locksmiths who own a shop or have face to face contact with a customer. Some of your customers may not want to pay $200-300 to purchase another remote and pay for programming. Do not let anyone leave your store because the remote was too expensive to replace. Even if you did not make $100 or more on programming and cutting charges, you may be able to repair a key and make $30-50 in 3-5 minutes simply fixing the broken remote case, buttons or a blade. We will show you how easy it is to fix some common problems with remotes and keys in just a few minutes.
  5. Finally we would like to discuss some key issues in local small business marketing. We see many local business owners struggle with that constantly. Over the years, we have learned many simple tricks or solutions that are free to implement and simple to use those in order to take your business to another level. All you need is time and your laptop to take advantage of the free tools out there.


Dr. Lishi (Chris Law) will be working all day with each person, hands on, showing how to use these tools across the board. Nicky Lopez will be showing how to use and understand the various VVDI products from XHorse.

Industrial Diagnostics Services (IDS Scopes)

This family owned business since 1972 brings you a full line of optical-video equipment using fiber optics.  Instead of trying to figure out what is wrong inside that lock, look inside to see.


Learn all the tools this software offers you that you are not aware of.  Hands on in the booth to show you how to fill the unknown spaces, how to set up a master key system, look at a code series and much more. Jeremy Phillips, the Manager, from New Zealand will be on hand to answer all your questions.


Intelligent Key Solutions, will be giving various demonstrations along with teaching tips and tricks for the ZedFull programmer including Mercedes Key Programming. We will teach how to read various eeprom/processors without the need of soldering. Last, but not least there will be several other demos done showing the use of other programmers, eeprom readers, and various other tools that we provide done in the booth throughout the show.

IML Security

This class is perfect for the beginner or intermediate locksmith wanting to become more successful in the automotive key market and will cover several key principles for helping you be more successful as an automotive locksmith. These principles include verbal communication, quoting, inventory tracking, invoicing, and record keeping. When you have a customer on the phone or standing in front of you in your shop, being able to speak knowledgeably and professionally about their car, and then being able to know if you have the correct parts in-stock is very useful when closing a sale with a customer. Always Reliable Keys has been created to allow you to enter 3 pieces of key information (Vehicle Year, Make, and Model) and then you will be able to answer the following questions from one page

  • What keys and remotes are compatible with this car?
  • Does the car require a pin-code for programming? If yes, then can I read the pin-code with my programmer?
  • Can I program the key and or remote with my diagnostic tool (programmer)?
  • Do I have the right key or remote in-stock? If not, what are the part numbers needed to order the correct parts from my preferred vendor?

Come learn about how to increase your success and be more confident in communicating, quoting, and doing automotive key work.

International Key Supply

International Key Supply will be displaying the newest FCC registered remotes from Keyless2Go and discussing the many types of transponder generating tools as well as the many types of transponders on the market.  We will help you minimize inventory while maximizing profits.  We will also have live demos of the latest tools such as the Truecode by KeyProgrammers, XHorse products, Auro products, Advanced Diagnostics and much more.


We will be presenting our JMA5000 EVO with demonstrations and cloning. Also, there will be instructions on how to use chips and shells.   We have new High Security Test blades to show along with our new Garage Remote system.  We will be demonstrating out new Multi-Code machine along with our duplicating machines.


There will be demonstrations on the latest innovations from Ilco/AD/Silca for the Smart Pro, RW4 Plus with M-Box, Keys, Remotes, and key cutting machines.

Key Tech Tools

KEY TECH will demonstrate the use of the multifunction’s of the VVDI Key Tool.

The demo includes how to:

  • Generate a transponder and what type does the VVDI Key Tool support
  • Clone a transponder chip
  • Identify the FCC id: of the remote list (provided by Key Tech)
  • Remote Cloning
  • Remote Generation
  • Renew remote options
  • Tips and other special functions


They will have a wide range of our products on the show floor also provide live demo of our products upon request.  Hotwire, K2 Forge, Remotes, Keys, 1Remote Testers, IMO Detector, Miracle A9 Special, 884 Decryptor Mini, The Diagnostic Box products, Strattec, JMA, Keyline products.


Come learn and try out the latest automotive innovations and new products from Keyline USA. The new Gymkana 994 key machine will be on display for hands-on demonstrations as well as the latest in cloning with the 884 Mini including, 80-bit Ford and Toyota, EEPROM, Philips Crypto and more! The Ninja Laser and Ninja Total key machines will also be available plus several other key machines from Keyline’s impressive line of machines. Stop and visit our knowledgeable Keyline representatives!


Learn how to use the NEW Elite Key Machine to decode cut High Security, regular and tubular keys. See the Quick-Change Jaw, DC Brushless motors (No Belts), Indicator lights showing machine status, and multiple power sources.


Using a Scope in our Industry to Make Money Includes: Hands on 1 on 1 instruction with Rescue Ron. Ron will walk you through the valuable process of using a lock scope.   Learning various other ways to make money using a lock scope.  Ron will teach you how to make this one of the most valuable tools in your box.


Come onto the Lockdecoders booth and see how we cut the new VAG keys and how to work out the different sides of the key. Questions and answers on the MiraClone D6 Remote reflashing tool. See a MiraClone demonstration on cloning both the VAG id48 and Ford 80 bit cloning and see how it works. Also see how we decrypt the new Hyundai/ Kia remote keys to read the programming code.

1 hour on each day but will be available at any time to also answer these questions.

Also, what is new in the Auto locksmith world.


As in years past, Midwest Keyless will be teaching hands-on, Original Lishi lock picking, as well as hands-on, board identification right at the show booth. Due to the production of almost identical remotes from Chrysler and Nissan, this should be beneficial for locksmiths looking to increase their knowledge of board identification.

On Thursday, April 11, Midwest will host a hands-on, Original Lishi Tools lock picking course taught by factory certified experts in a small, quiet classroom setting. Lishi tools come in standard blind touch picks, decoders and the unique 2-in-1 pick and decoder. This hands-on training course will provide in-depth overview for the different types of Original Lishi Tools. Students will have hands-on exercises that will allow them to pick, decode and use the 2-in-1 pick/decoder. This is a great opportunity for students to learn to use the tools correctly and efficiently by picking and accurately decoding the lock in preparation for cutting a key. Class is limited to 20 students.


National Automotive Service Task Force Vehicle Security Professional Registry staff will on hand to explain what the VSP Registry is and how to enroll, access and navigate the various OEM websites to retrieve service and security related information. They will also explain how NASTF, NICB, Law Enforcement and the OEM’s work together to inhibit unauthorized access to security information. This year NASTF will feature information on the new GM site that launched in January 2019 as well as updates on several new automaker websites and the SDRM 2.0. Come by and visit.


Mike Hyde will be demonstrating the use of the Autosmart software and showing off the 2019 AutoSmart books that have been totally redesigned with more information and pictures.  Being at the forefront of transponders since the 1990s, he shares his wealth of information and knowledge of transponder systems going forward.


Intelligent Power Door Lock: OYSTER is presenting a new product line called Intelligent Power Door lock which is an advanced electronical system for car line Toyota, Mazda, Ford, Volvo, Landrover etc. OYSTER is showing a demo with movement so that visitors are able to learn all functions and utility. This product is the latest on the market and will be very interesting for all locksmiths.


Vera and Jeff will demonstrate how to pin up various GM and Ford high security ignition cylinders and door locks. They will be doing continuous hands on pinning and each participant gets to keep their locks. The goal is for each participant to pin up at least one ignition and one door lock. Depending on timing, there may be a new Ford keyway available for pinning at Just Cars 2019.


We will cover:

  • TDB001 Remote tester
  • TDB003 All in one Prox tester TDB013 Port booster and protector TDB014 Port tester
  • WWM- Wonder Win Modules
  • TDB1000 Key programmer

Class will cover basic testing of a vehicles transponder, remote and/or Prox system. Simple tests that will save the Automotive Locksmith Technician TIME and MONEY.

It will show his customers that he is adequately equipped to do the basic functions of diagnosing these features.

We will show the WONDER WIN MODULE and how the Automotive Locksmith Technician can service these modules without the use of the DEALER COMPUTER and SUBSCRIPTION.

We will show our new CLONER the TDB500 which will be the easiest cloner on the market to use! We will show our TDB1000 and the latest software on key/module programming.

(Hopefully at that time Demonstrations on how it will reset/unlock keys and Prox devices)


PCB boards unlocking station:

Upon various requests from locksmiths who attended our Just Cars 2018 class and due to the high demand of refurbished keys especially Prox keys, a T.I. educational booth station will help the automotive locksmith put their hands on a few unlocking tools and learn to identify the correct PROX before unlocking and programming.

This will save the locksmith time and money which is key in a fast-paced world.

The demonstration will show various tools in the market that can unlock PCB boards in case of a failed key being locked such a MK3, Tango, Rem unlocker and more!!!

XHorse Education

Xhorse provides a full line of products for locksmiths, including the key tool for generating & cloning Universal Remote and Universal Transponder, Universal Smart key & Super Multi-mode Transponder, professional programming tools for VW\ADUI\PORSCHE\BMW\Mercedes-Benz , high-performance automatic key cutting machines, and many others.

Just Cars Auto Expo 2020

Caribe Royale Orlando

This year we celebrate 17 years by returning to the beautiful Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida on April 24-25, 2020. The show floor will be open April 24 & 25 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. and educational classes are schedule starting April 23rd thru 26th at different times throughout those days.