Just Cars 2020 Attendance Refunds

To Just Cars 2020 Attendees,

By now you are well aware that Just Cars 2020 has been canceled by the hotel due to the virus scare.  We have been meeting and discussing the situation weekly, trying to find the best solution to move forward and guarantee that we as a board will be able to have the show go on in 2021. We started by refunding all the class fees as quickly as we could. We have come to a decent compromise with the vendors and feel they are all happy to return in 2021.

Now for all you attendees. I hope that you as a group understand that we cannot give a 100% refund to everyone that was invested.  If we do that then we cannot host 2021. We have to use the funds from the previous year to purchase all the needs for the following year. As an example we have already put down a $15,000.00 deposit for 2021.

If you can understand our needs to make sure that 2021 goes on without a hitch, then you will understand our refund policy for this unprecedented time. We will be issuing a $100 registration coupon as soon as possible, with no expiration date, to all that were registered when we had to cancel. Use it for 2021, use it for 2025, give it to an employee, or locksmith friend. Its transferable and has no expiration.

We will also issue a $50 class coupon, to all that were registered. Same deal, no expiration, and transferable.  This can be applied to class next year or after.

With these coupon refunds, we hope that you can find the understanding to be accepting. If you love Just Cars and want it to continue, then this is the best solution that we can find.  We have struggled with the decisions involved and have anguished over the fact that we can’t simply snap our fingers and reverse every dollar sent. But if we did this, we would most likely have to end Just Cars going into the future.

Please continue your understanding and be patient with us. We have extra time, due to this situation, which will result in an amazing 2021 in Phoenix. Please stay safe and healthy, and we hope to see you all soon at another amazing Just Cars.

Thank you,

Stacy Hetchler
President Just Cars Auto Expo, LLC