Just Cars + Advanced Binary Mapping Class – May 27th @ 8:00am


Just Cars + Advanced Binary Mapping Class

Friday May 27th 8am-12pm


In this course we will look at HOW keys and relevant data are represented in the BIN file. We will focus on basic forms of encryption, understanding the relationship between BIN-OCT-DEC-HEX, and techniques used for mapping out a BIN file. Practical applications are the ability to manually produce keys or convert PIN numbers when existing tools let you down. Warning: This class will be incredibly nerdy. Prior experience of producing keys from an eeprom file using a machine like the Tango is essential. Do not attend this class hungover.

Note: Payment for this class will happen at the start of class. Since the instructor is unsure what the travel conditions will be, there is a chance this class could be cancelled if he is unable to fly in. We don’t expect this to be an issue but are taking the precaution.

Class Cost: $200.00 per participant – will be collect at start of class.

Note: A Just Cars 2022 General Admission ticket is required to attend this class.


Just Cars + Advanced Binary Mapping Class – May 27th @ 8:00am

Payment Collected at Class

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