Just Cars + EEPROM Class – May 28th @ 8:00am


Just Cars + EEPROM Class

Saturday May 28th 8am-12pm

Required Prerequisites: Each student is required to have either taken the Just Cars+ Soldering Class or a working knowledge and experience with soldering as it pertains to microelectronics. A signed affidavit attesting to the student’s soldering proficiency will be required in lieu of taking the Just Cars+ Soldering Class.

Objective: This course will provide an introduction to identifying data storage devices and the use of real world equipment to acquire, read, modify, and reprogram these devices with the goal of producing transponders to start vehicles economically.

Description: The class we will begin with simple in circuit examples of reading EEPROMs. It will then move on to removing EEPROMs from the circuit, reading them with multiple pieces of equipment and then modifying the data. The latest available equipment will be used to produce a transponder that will ultimately be able to start vehicles including water recreational vehicles and motorcycles. With the manufacturers increasing security and the increase in diagnostic equipment costs and fees to use said equipment, EEPROM work may be the last hope to produce keys for cars in the future.

Class Goal: With provided equipment, students will gain actual hands-on experience of how transponders work at a computer level and with the knowledge to proceed into the future of automotive key generation. This class will instill confidence in the student’s ability to continue profiting with key generation and with very little capital equipment investment.

Note: Students are also encouraged to bring real world modules and transponder containing electronics from cars and motorcycles for use in the class. It should be kept in mind that the more legs a device has, the more time it will take to desolder said device. Please keep in mind that if components are removed in advance, that there will be no way of inspecting your work.

Class Cost: $150.00 per participant

Note: A Just Cars 2022 General Admission ticket is required to attend this class.


Just Cars + EEPROM Class – May 28th @ 8:00am


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